Experience the quintessence of Vietnamese cuisine

Chain of luxurious, classy restaurants, specializing in serving European - Asian dishes:

Le chalet Restaurant

Designed in a modern European style, cozy and luxurious, professional and friendly staff, diverse European and Asian cuisines and experienced chefs

Ideal place to meet customers’ partners, friends, parties, exchanges ..

Please call us to enjoy a wonderful space and perfect service!

Location: Ground floor

Weekend Combo: From 18:00 to 21:00 every Saturday night

Saigon garden restaurant

A green garden of leafy trees, adorned by several colorful flowers. Coming to Saigon garden restaurant, you can sip a cup of coffee, enjoy a cocktail or order a featured dish from our menu.

In a green space with fresh air, you will find peace completely separate from the crowd and the noise of the city ..

Location: Ground floor

Work time: 06:00 – 23:00

Breakfast and coffee: 6:30 – 11:00

Outside party service

With the idea of meeting all the needs of customers, need a comfortable privacy right at your house or are birthday parties full of surprises, impressive opening, spectacular year-end party programs … .need to be placed right at the customer’s request, our professional service team is ready to assist you with any request. regardless of location. Please call Saigontourane us to get a competitive price and the best quality service.


The experience is especially worthy of a high-class wedding … but still warm in the space Le Chalet Restaurant is designed in Western European style. This promises to be a new “check-in” point for couples to give each other the promise of a lifetime together, making a mark of life with impressive movies in a more romantic setting.

-The luxurious and cozy party hall is designed and decorated in Western style with the capacity of 200-500 guests 

-Experienced, skillful and sophisticated chefs in each dish.

-Fast, enthusiastic and professional service team.

-The menu is diversity

-The wedding reception counselor is considerate and welcoming.

-Especially, the free parking lot is over 3,000m2

-Many beautiful check in scenes like the West.

Enjoy life at Saigon Tourane Hotel

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